In the meantime, here’s a teaser on the features. Please, please, please… tell us what you think and tell us if you have other ideas. Go Big or Go Home! At least have Big Adventures!


  • The cooking unit will include a Dometic 3-hob stove
  • Cooking unit has plenty of storage for your pots, pans, cooking utensils, plates, etc.

Food Prep:

  • Magnets, magnets, everywhere. They’ll hold your knives,  spice containers, a paper towel holder
  • Fold out bamboo counters to expand your workstation surface area 
  • A bamboo cutting board makes food prep easy


  • The cooler uses electronic solid state technology
  • Keep it in your van and cool with your rig's electrical source 
  • Bring the cooler outside and use the battery and solar power
  • No messy wet ice


  • The sink is a pop-up, foldable sink that can be used on either side of the stove/cooler combo


  • Solar power will help charge the batteries that will power the cooler
  • Battery power will keep the cooler cool on a gray day
  • Charge your mobile devices

Ease of Use:

  • Set up is a breeze. Legs pop down to bring both the cooler and stove unit up to countertop height
  • An extendable tow handle makes each unit easy to move
  • LED lighting will illuminate your kitchen at night
  • A platform will raise the unit up to full countertop height and add storage when installed in the van