Every Van Conversion and camper needs the perfect, space-saving, multi-use, utilitarian but stylish, kitchen. Living tiny is all about making a small space do double and triple duty. We have created the perfect Camp Kitchen and Cooler. And we need your help to get it to market. 

By mid-December our Roly Poly Camp Kitchen will be on the Kickstarter platform. We're so excited to bring this to you and know that it will meet a growing demand for a useful and functional kitchen. Sure -- there are chuck boxes and metal cabinets on the market that might carry your pots and pans and be somewhat portable. But we knew we could do better. 

Our Camp Kitchen will have:

  • fold-out, bamboo counters to increase your working space in and out of the van
  • a Dometic three-burner stovetop
  • a pop-up sink 
  • magnets to hold  knives,  spice containers, and paper towels
  • solar and rechargable battery power to charge your devices
  • tow-handle and 8 inch wheels to easily get it to your campground 
  • LED lights so even night cooking is easy

But wait! There's more! (It had to be said...)

It has a cooler/refrigerator:

  • the cooler is a hybrid of cooler and refrigerator
  • it runs on its own battery pack and solar
  • No messy wet ice
  • easily towed in or out of the camper
  • fold-out counter space

We're excited to be putting the finishing touches on our prototype and will keep you posted on our progress! Look for the Kickstarter campaign to begin mid-December... 

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