So without further adieux, here are some Kickstarter campaigns we love: 

  1. The Wildside Campervan Tarp: This project just funded at 58% higher than its goal, raking in more than $68 grand and fully funding in less than 12 hours. The project creators are in Germany, but I want their tarp here! In a nutshell, it is “the first all-weather resistant, small-to-store, drive-away awning for all Vanlife Lovers.” Basically, set up the awning, pull your van up to it and connect it via a zipper. You can unzip it and drive away, leaving the awning in place for your return, or pack it up. It’s brilliant and we wish we thought of it! The good news is, Roly Poly Homes doesn’t need to design a better awning! We plan to use go on the Wildside!

  2. Fablewood Little Ones: I think we love this project because we’re sentimentalists at heart and there is something so darn adorable about these little Fablewood critters. (The project creators are adorable in their video bloopers piece, too : ) But another reason we like the project is that it brings to mind a project Brent, our Roly Poly Procraftinator, created for his first, sadly failed, Kickstarter campaign. Wooden blocks for kids that connect magnetically. There are some other options out there, but of course he had other ideas about them. His campaign got nearly $30,000 in funding but didn’t make its goal. Fablewood folks did by a long shot, raising over $100k so far.

  3. Ozon Cyclery: Bamboo bicycle DIY Kit: I think there are a few things about this project that tickle our fancy. It’s a bicycle made of bamboo. And that makes total sense! Bamboo is incredibly strong and — even better — sustainable. Our camp Kitchens use bamboo because we believe in the material. It’s a kit. Hey! Putting things together is fun for us and we think it makes sense for people who want to save money. We’re pumped to be designing our Van Conversion Kits and know that they’re going to make van conversions more accessible for people while also being more functional than others. This bicycle does that, too. These guys know their stuff. They’ve been giving bamboo bicycle building workshops for a decade and they put the best engineering into it. They even built a kid’s kick bike! Hope you check out some of these if they pique your interest.